Nutritious Coconut MCT Oil, Hemp Extract, & Natural Terpenes to help you enjoy life to the fullest.

*Available With Or Without THC.*
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Supports almost every bodily function to restore physical and mental relief from pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep.
Natural ingredients scientifically proven to benefit to heal pain, anxiety, and help you sleep.
Natural option to harmful and habit forming alternatives.
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MCT Coconut Oil, THC (0.25%), CBD and over 90 Cannabinoids

30 ml = 80 mg THC + 1800mg CBD

60 ml = 160 mg THC + 3600mg CBD

Non GMO. 100% Vegetarian. Cruelty-free.


For quicker absorption and more noticeable results, hold half a teaspoon under your tongue for a couple of minutes. Then shallow. AURA Potion is so potent you can taste it. Wait patiently for the glory and relief to arrive.

If you’re are a foodie, check out our recipes or use our potion in your own creation. Keep out of the reach of children or people who behave like children.

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To boost your brain through the afternoon slump.

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Potent Potion will help you. You can take it by the spoon or make edibles.

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Make edibles that are perfectly dosed for your medicinal or recreational use.

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Potent Potion Reviews

Lynette Lopez

Verified Buyer

It's A Game Changer

It's a game changer , I use it for multitude of reasons, from sleep to anxiety to inflammation and it helps with all,recently I was desperate to help my dog when his prescribed meds were doing nothing for him ,I used just a small amount from the potion put it into a dropper not even a 1/4 of it & it was the only thing to give him relief & for that Iam eternally grateful, and there is no other company around with such personal customer service, very attentive, 😊Thank you

Katherine Riley

Verified Buyer


I have chronic migraines and they helped me find the best delivery system for me. I tried their other products but the Honey has been the answer for me. It helps with nausea and to relax and get to sleep. ( I've had insomnia as long as I can remember) I highly recommend it! Importantly, I can trust them. You can too. Thank you Aura.

Joshua Carver

Verified Buyer

Very Pleased

My wife uses the product. She has had numerous back surgeries and has had internal stimulators implanted in her back several times to interrupt her pain. She had them for over 8 urs with them turned on 24/7 normally all the way up. Since using the product she has had them turned off and is able to function day to day. It did take a few weeks to get into her system but she is the woman I meet once again.


Will Potent Honey Make You High?

Yes, your tolerance level will determine how much Potent Honey will get you high. So, you can take as little or as much depending on your desired results.

Will I Fail A Drug Test?

Potent Honey contains THC.  

How do I use Potent Honey?

We love the Potent Honey with coffee (1/4 to 1/2 dose) in the morning and tea in the evening before bed. However, it is flexible. You can use it like you would use any other honey. So the tip of your finger works well too. :)

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