Natural Honey, Cannabis Extract from Hemp, Natural Terpenes to help you heal and enjoy life to the fullest.

You get five 4 oz jars of Potent Honey.

*Available With Or Without THC.*
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Supports almost every bodily function to restore physical and mental relief from pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep.
Natural ingredients scientifically proven to benefit to heal pain, anxiety, and help you sleep.
Natural option to harmful and habit forming alternatives.
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Organic Honey, THC (>0.25%), CBD and over 90 Cannabinoids

2 oz = 80 mg THC + 1800mg CBD

4 oz = 160 mg THC + 3600mg CBD

100% Vegetarian. Cruelty-free. Non-GMO.


We recommend a teaspoon of our Potent Honey per serving. You can enjoy it with tea, coffee, or a simple cup of hot water with a twist of lemon.

Keep out of the reach of children or people who behave like children.

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To boost your brain through the afternoon slump.

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Deep Restful Sleep

Potent Honey will help you sleep. You can also use it to make cold remedies and other age old favorites.

Have Fun Too :)

In addition to incredible healing powers, the Potent Honey is a fun twist on an age old treat.

Tottie With A Twist

In addition to incredible healing powers, the Potent Honey is a fun twist on an age old treat.

Potent Honey Reviews


Verified Buyer


It helps me sleep all night. I haven’t slept all night in years. It smells horrible and doesn’t taste good either. You just hold your breath and down it. The honey isn’t doesn’t taste as bad.


Verified Buyer


Since using your products, my husband and I have been finally getting some relief from chronic pain. I have arthritis and he suffers from constant back. Thank You 😊

Joshua Carver

Verified Buyer


The taste is amazing but not nearly as much as the benefits


Will Potent Honey Make You High?

Yes, your tolerance level will determine how much Potent Honey will get you high. So, you can take as little or as much depending on your desired results.

Will I Fail A Drug Test?

Potent Honey contains THC.  

How do I use Potent Honey?

We love the Potent Honey with coffee (1/4 to 1/2 dose) in the morning and tea in the evening before bed. However, it is flexible. You can use it like you would use any other honey. So the tip of your finger works well too. :)

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