AURA for Keto

AURA for Keto

Combining AURA with your Keto diet empowers you with two of the leading health movements in America today. We believe the shared benefits will be astonishing!

Improved Sleep
Fights Cancer

Improved Heart Health
Protection of the Brain
Reduced Seizures
Weight Loss

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AURA and Keto share many of the same benefits for you. Customers who adopt our recipes into their Keto diet have found increased benefits plus an easier transition to a Keto diet.


Depending on severity of symptoms, we recommend 1 -3 doses (2.5ml) daily.

How to use:

We recommend using the AURA recipes for Keto. Or you can simply try the daily dose that meets your need for pain, anxiety, and or sleep.

How Does AURA Benefit Keto Diets?

AURA's active ingredients reinforce much of the same benefits you get from the Keto diet.  

There are few studies due to the restrictions around cannabis research, however just look at the list of benefits that are known at this time.

Here are a few: 



Pain Blocker

Anxiety reduction


Increased relaxation

Pain Blocker



Sleep-Aid, Rest and Recovery


These are the major ones, but there are a host of other compounds that help with your Keto diet.


We challenge you to add AURA to your Keto routine and in just a few days the additional benefits will be obvious. Get started today.