AURA for Anxiety

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The Potent Honey is like being able to eat cake to lose weight. You will experience enduring and sustained relief with continued use.


Depending on your needs, we recommend 1 -3 teaspoons (5ml) daily.

How to use:

You can use your finger tip, or take a teaspoon as recommended. :) There are also a growing list of recipes available to make perfectly dosed edibles.


In just a 45 minutes, or so, you will experience enduring relief.


Depending on your needs, we recommend 1 -3 doses (1/2 teaspoon) daily.

How to use:

AURA Potent Potion is designed for use at any time in your every day life. You can take it by the 1/2 teaspoon, or you can take it using a traditional dropper. Additionally, many of our clients enjoy using the Potent Potion in our recipes to make perfectly dosed edibles.


Fast acting, the Potent Vapor works great for spot duty in combination with the Potent Potion or Potent Honey. It will give you some relief while the others get to work.


As needed.

How to use:

The Potent Vapor works like any other buttonless vape pen. Just draw on it and you will feel the pen's effects within 3-10 minutes.

More people are starting to recognize the role anxiety plays in their personal and professional lives, not to mention the impact on weight management and other physical and mental heath consequences.


Much like AURA helps your body respond to pain, the compounds in AURA can help trigger your body’s natural process for returning you to balance whenever you experience anxiety.

But I Thought Cannabis Makes Me Paranoid?


Many people think of or have personally experienced the rush of paranoia from too much marijuana, because taken in large doses the THC in cannabis can cause extreme anxiety.


However, taken as instructed, one dose of AURA is enough to provide you with a feeling that reminds us of euphoria. In fact, many of our customers perform a wide variety of tasks while benefiting from a micro-dose of cannabis from AURA.


Why? Because AURA is made from Hemp, a cannabis plant that is a "cousin" of marijuana with less naturally occurring THC. Which makes AURA a great alternative to medical marijuana for those that want the benefits of cannabis with limited psychedelic effects from THC.

How Does AURA Work?


Our response to any inquiry about AURA’s effectiveness always starts with our 3rd party verified customer reviews. However, there is mounting research that demonstrates the ingredients in AURA are a tremendous aid in treating anxiety. Here's a quick introduction to how the two major ingredients in AURA help with anxiety:


THC (Optional)

The microdose of THC in AURA is enough to reduce anxiety, while also promoting a slight psychodelic response to promote good vibes. The psychodelic response may or may not be evident to the you depending on how much you take and your tolerance for THC.



There is mounting research that CBD effects the serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin plays a role in your mood, sleep, behavior, and digestion. But again, our best advice is to check out our reviews and see what our customers say about AURA and its' ability to help them battle bouts of anxiety.

Now you can find relief from anxiety in just a few days. Get started today.